Sanki Mayor

Medicalized solutions for tomorrow

Sanki Mayor is a global health and wellness laboratory dedicated to improve the quality of life, by offering medicalized solutions based on a combined expertise of nanotechnology, nutraceutical formulation and clinical testing.

Years of experience with human clinical trials on metabolic syndrome (diabetes, obesity and inflammatory disorders), enabled Sanki-Mayor to create innovative medicalized solutions based on an in-vivo expertise and an advanced knowledge in fermentation technology.

Our focus on metabolic syndrome and well-being

Obesity and metabolic syndrome are the main health challenges for millions of people around the world, with more and more cases diagnosed every year.

This slow progressing syndrome demands fast acting solutions, as it has long-term devastating impact on health (diabetes, cardiovascular, hypertension, etc.)

Sanki Mayor Solution consists in associating advanced technologies with track records of efficacy, and education tools aimed to increase consumer's compliance and collaboration.